TARGIT-B trial

TARGIT-B trial design

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The randomised TARGIT-B superiority trial, is being performed to test if a tumour bed boost given intraoperatively (TARGIT) is superior, and results in better cancer control compared with a tumour bed boost given as with external beam radiotherapy (EBRT). Both treatments are in addition to whole breast radiotherapy

The TARGIT technique uses the Intrabeam device for delivering precise and timely dose of intraoperative radiotherapy accurately to the tumour bed.

This device was developed by a collaborative effort between University College London and the industry. It has had extensive experience since its first use in July 1998.

The TARGIT trial office has received its main funding from the Health Technology Assessment programme of the National Institutes of Health Research, UK, for the TARGIT-A and TARGIT-B trials

Details of the trial on the NIHR website are http://www.nets.nihr.ac.uk/projects/hta/1010407

The TARGIT-B trial was launched in June 2013.

Please contact the Chief Investigator (jayant.vaidya at ucl.ac.uk) or the TARGIT trials office (ctg.targitb at ucl.ac.uk) for documentation to assist starting the TARGIT-B trial at your site.

Targit-A trial recruited from 33 international centres from 11 countries (UK, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Poland , Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Canada and Australia) and 3451 patients were randomly allocated from 24 March 2000 until the trial closed on 25 June 2012. (Click to see the map).